Woodland Greys
"Dedicated to creating tomorrow's heirlooms, today"
If you are a machine knit enthusiast, or are just curious about machine knitting, come join our knit club. We meet the first Tuesday of every month, from 10am to 12pm PST. For information or driving directions contact Club Secretary Janice Beauchene.
reversible Roses blanket
block quilt displayed.jpg
Violet's block quilt on display
block quilt.jpg
block quilt close up
butterfly quilt close.jpg
butterfly quilt
butterfly quilt displayed.jpg
butterfly quilt displayed
christmas sweater.jpg
Christmas sweater
purple sweater detail.jpg
flower afghan.jpg
flower afghan close up
twin set.jpg embroidered roses.jpg  top.jpg
butterfly quilt detail.jpg
butterfly quilt
flower afghan full.jpg
flower afghan full view
purple sweater.jpg skirt.jpg
travel set skirt